The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★★½

The latest Lord Miller Production animation film is a pleasant ride from beginning to end, serving as a wildly unique take on the typical family road trip formula with a comedic sensibility with the capability to appeal to multiple generations of audiences at once. The father-daughter relationship is surprisingly sweet and heartwarming in the way its approached.

I liked the queer representation, although I also noticed it was approached in a way that could easily be cut out of China's release, which does deeply bother me on a personal level, considering major studios still comply to adhering to their homophobic values just for the money that having a release in that country brings. Still it's awesome seeing a protagonist wear a pride badge throughout the entire runtime and have them be faced with a range of struggles that queer people regularly face. It helped bring a level of relatability that as a queer person I don't often experience from films of this scale, and I appreciate it for that.

It does sadden me that it's just being dumped on Netflix out of no where, as a theatrical release for this would have been awesome, but at least it should give everyone a chance to check it out.

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