La Jetée

La Jetée ★★★★

Cinema in its basics, is photography and narrative. Every second of film is full of pictures. With this short film, Marker not only shows us a different proposal of cinema with nice photography and narrative guided by a peaceful voice, but also makes a profound and tangled reflection about time. He shows us that the way of traveling in time really is... with photos!! You can go to the past or to the future when you contemplate a picture, or a film. It's a really interesting plot, trying to be sci-fi but really showing us humanity as it is, as a subject of time. The protagonist goes to a museum and sees all of the images that have became frozen in time, -stuffed animals, and ancient statues- . Borges said that the present was a mix of a little bit of past, and a little bit of future. And that´s true. We are traveling in time always. It's mysterious how he dies and that he always had that vision of the face of this woman, it's like the eternal return. It has that common nice structure of films of starting in a place and ending in the same place, as neat as a circle, as aesthetic. Life ends being a circle, a snake that bites its butt. A film with this concept and method must be profound to succeed, and this one did it amazingly, shocking a whole public. Brilliant for it's length and it's storytelling.

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