Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman: The Secret Service ★★★★★

Wow this movie was fun holy shit.

Kingsman is a wild ride a very entertaining and fun movie I love the story it's just classic spy stuff "bad guy trying to do shit to the world good guys try and stop him" but what makes it unique is how he does it and it's very fun and creative this whole movie is creative and I love it.

The action scenes are incredible one of them is probably the best action fight scene that I've seen in awhile they get so creative with and it's bloody and the camera work 99% of the time is good and it's just very fun to watch overall.

The characters are pretty great Taron Egerton puts on a perfect performance as Eggsy I loved watching him on screen although would've liked to see more of certain characters I feel like some were underused expecially Roxy I would've liked to see her and Eggsy friendship grow but I'm guessing they're gunna improve on that in the sequel, Samuel L Jackson is great in this movie his performance was good his character is great and pretty stupid in a good way with the blood thing I found that to be pretty funny and Colin Firth was great as Harry I loved him too and his and Eggsys relationship was good I thought it was well written in terms of him being his mentor and it made sense same with Merlin and that's all I can say about characters.

The humour I found very good it wasn't laugh a minute stuff its not gunna make your cheeks hurt from laughing it was very natural and British kind of humour that didn't feel forced so no complaints there.

Overall I didn't have any problems with this movie I think it was a perfect spy movie/comedy everything was good it's fast paced not a single boring moment characters good, action good and humour good and it also had a very fun and surprising twist and also some tense moments and shocking moments giving Kingsman a 5/5 I love everything about it and that's about it.

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