Batman ★★★★

Tim Burton’s Batman observed the comics' guide in restoring Batman from the sixties television show campiness to the character's noirish origins by being influenced by the work of Frank Miller and Alan Moore. The production design from Anton Furst is what considerably disseminates the tone of the movie, and there’s a short amount that is recognisably prototypical Burton about it; his particular imprint is better observed in its sequel, Batman Returns.

The movie efficaciously conjures up an alternative reality; one that consciously nods to a time early in the title character's crusade on crime, and which chiefly adapts the origin tale for the Joker which initially appeared in Detective Comics #168 The Man Behind the Red Hood from February 1951. The movie furthermore was one of the first to generate two soundtracks, one of them featuring songs written by Prince while the other containing the score by Danny Elfman.

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