Grave of the Fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies ★★★★★

Based on the 1967 semi-autobiographical short story by Akiyuki Nosaka, Grave of the Fireflies is a convincing combination of drama with a delicate touch of imagination that examines the tale of two siblings and their miserable effort to endure the final months of WWII. Written and directed by Isao Takahata, and animated by Studio Ghibli, it's a film which is a saddening tale of two people impacted on by the ruthless conflict, and the attempt to preserve childhood innocence in the face of death and hardship. Takahata reveals not only what war can do, but what resilience can be summoned to alleviate a time of tremendous unhappiness. This is an extraordinary animated drama, with some remarkable visuals that are mandatory with Studio Ghibli.

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