Knives Out ★★★★★

Written, co-produced and directed by Rian Johnson with a superb ensemble cast, Knives Out involves a private detective (Daniel Craig) speculating foul play when a wealthy novelist (Christopher Plummer) is found deceased from what is initially thought to be the results of suicide. The movie successfully creates an atmosphere of uncertainty from the beginning and is strengthened by the sufficient ambience of mystery by the musical score composed by Nathan Johnson. 

The movie additionally attaches a unique comedic tone to create something that feels very much it’s own, and everyone in the vast and immensely accomplished cast generates memorable and intriguing characters. Johnson captures the intrinsic and indispensable qualities of the murder mystery genre while deftly managing to avoid becoming weighed down by its more familiar tropes, and sharp comments on politics and illegal immigration are interweaved with the comedy. It's the totality of the balancing of its various elements so successfully that makes this such a satisfying watch.

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