On the Record

On the Record ★★★★½

On the Record primarily explores the sexual abuse allegations against hip hop entrepreneur and co-founder of the legendary record label Def Jam Recordings, Russell Simmons. It focuses predominately on Drew Dixon, one of the initial women to make a statement on the abuse openly after wrestling with the potential consequences of speaking against such an iconic musical figure. Thankfully, the surge of brave and courageous women who have emerged from the deservedly applauded #MeToo movement supported her determination in stepping forward.

Employing first-person interviews as well as videos and archival photographs, it places the allegations in a well-assembled context which conveys a scorchingly damning revelation on the predicament of victims having their accounts acknowledged after publicly speaking up. It furthermore additionally shines a spotlight on the complications of the widespread misogynism within hip hop music and culture and looks at the genre with a certain degree of historical culpability. The filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering have constructed a heartrending document with an intense amount of sincerity.

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