Once Upon a Time in America ★★★★★

Sergio Leone gives rise to a rich assortment of themes in Once Upon a Time in America along with producing one of the most impressive American gangster films of all time. Robert De Niro’s tormented portrayal of Noodles is one tinged with shame and the damage suffered during his youth, and the principle of a man reflecting upon his life choices shares many themes which Martin Scorsese explores with him in The Irishman. The construction of the film forms like a momentous tapestry that's greater than the sum of its parts, and there are multiple stories which it communicates simultaneously.

Sergio Leone’s vivacity in directing is contemplatively illustrated, and it's a sprawling film and not solely in its almost four-hour runtime. It establishes an assortment of tones in recording the lives of a group of Jewish youths from the nineteen-twenties to the late nineteen-sixties as they grow up to become infamous figures during the Prohibition period in New York City, and its themes are accentuated with an enormous sense of tragedy by Ennio Morricone’s glorious musical score. Sergio Leone’s previous endeavours within the western genre have always shown courage and determination with there imagery, and his labours on this film give birth to this being a grand and extraordinary last statement.

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