Shadow of a Doubt

Shadow of a Doubt ★★★★½

Alfred Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt is a psychological thriller that manages to be distinctive even in a filmography from a filmmaker rightfully crowned the" Master of Suspense". It's a deliciously fixed together tale which observes a young girl gradually coming to recognise that her favourite Uncle, who arrives to dwell in her family home, is the murderer labelled the Merry Widow killer who is being hunted by the authorities.

Hitchcock expertly delineates in both light and shadow; shooting the film like a noir as he penetratingly takes apart life in the United States heartland. He comes to be superbly assisted by the Oscar-winning cinematographer Joseph A. Valentine, and the combined impact of their achievements brings about the film being amongst the most impressive representations of American noir.

The director's assortment of staged and genuine locations supports in establishing a film that not only is psychologically captivating as it hinges on the tension between good and evil but further underlines a world not wholly tangible, and not entirely unthreatening. It's ornamented by a score by the celebrated composer Dimitri Tiomkin and is a fascinatingly constructed small-town psychological cliff-hanger.

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