Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In

Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In ★★★★

Directed by Jason Ferguson, Never Give In clarifies the tale of Alex Ferguson, the former football manager and player, from the legend's own mouth through a face-to-face interview alongside some outstanding archival imagery. 

It's an in-depth and sincere documentary that largely veers notoriety away from the achievements of the teams he's been involved with over the year's; instead, it concentrates on the man himself who just so happens to have picked up a few successes in a career which transpired to be rather phenomenal. It explores his upbringing in the challenging Scottish environment of Govan through meeting his wife, Cathy and onto his earliest days as a player and his appointment as manager of almost bottom of the league Manchester United in November 1986, where he steadily improved the team. 

Predictably, the film spends quite some time with his stint at the Old Trafford club, where it wonderfully charts him steering the team's ascent. From poor results from his earliest games in charge right up to their dramatic last-gasp winner in the 1999 UEFA Champions League Final against Bayern Munich at Camp Nou in Barcelona—before he finally announced his retirement in May 2013 after almost 27 years in charge. 

Intertwined through his story is his widely reported and severe health scare in May 2018 when the then 76-year old suffered a brain haemorrhage and underwent emergency surgery. His love for football can be easily recognised; he's depicted to have lived and breathed the game that he altered the landscape of through his unwavering enthusiasm and devotion. The archival footage looks fantastic, and through some smooth editing and gripping storytelling, the history of the man makes for a great watch from start to finish.

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