The House Is Black

The House Is Black ★★★★½

The House Is Black is the only work of Iranian poet and filmmaker Forough Farrokhzad, who tragically perished just five years after its completion when she was involved in a car crash at the age of 32. It's a documentary which she became inspired to make after journeying to a leper colony in Azerbaijan, and the outcome is an inspired accomplishment which provides a frank glance at the misery of life in the settlement that allegorically casts a broader light on the predicament of a population living in shadows, away from society's considerations.

In spite of the fact that the footage is the straightforward exhibition of the lepers in the leper colony, it is blanketed with a narration of Farrokhzad’s emotionally unrestrained poetry together with quotations from the Old Testament and the Koran which establishes the mood well; solidifying a tone of gloominess and suffering but also occasionally halted with hues of positiveness from particular things presented onscreen. The House Is Black is a rousing blending of poetry and images as well as being an admirable protest movie.