Midsommar ★★★★½

So... there’s a lot to be said about this film. Firstly it is so visually stunning and the film uses its colour palette extremely well. There’s some parts that the film may feel overexposed but i think that’s only because of the amount of the colour white in a scene and not existing too much contrast. However I think that actually plays out on giving it an angelical feel (without being overly edited). The art department also deserves a big applause, the work is very reminiscent of Asters previous film, but in Midsommar they completely create this world in which you travel to and get to know as the film goes by. Lastly i wanted to point out the Sound Mixing as it certainly originated some tension (and in the case of some immature audiences like some people in my movie theatre, laughs) but I think that they really did a good job in the sound department and I hope this film gets a nomination in the category. 

With this said I felt like there was something missing and i don’t know, perhaps I was expecting way too much from it or the audience threw me off but i was just expecting it to be a bit more scary or twisted perhaps. However, I think it equates to Hereditary on a score level as they are two of the best examples on how horror films don’t always have to be about the same thing and they can be a bit more Art House. 

I gave it four stars before i started typing my review and I still don’t know if i’m being biased or not because i’m really really pissed off with the cinema experience yesterday and that’s why i hate swing horror films in a cinema bc people don’t shut up and don’t know how to fucking behave (if you’re at home sure it’s fine i do it too, but come on). But all this to say that I will keep my four star rate as to liking this film a lot and to a hopeful second viewing where I’ll be able to watch it with more peace and quiet (this is still by far my favourite movie of the year nevertheless). But dawg i almost forgot this is definitely a movie that deserves to be watched while tripping out.

There’s still so so much to talk about the film and ever since last night after watching it I have not stopped thinking about it. All i can say is to recommend people to watch it and go in blank

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