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  • Miami Vice
  • Nazar
  • The Other Woman
  • Heaven's Story

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  • Freaked


  • JFK




  • Baby Assassins


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  • Airport



    they really spilled all this tea at the airport, God I love this movie. turns out the best application for shooting your film in one single take is, of course, not to show of some vain sense of craftsmanship but only as a tool to transmit a feeling, giving us a sense for a communal space full of drama, humor, lies and outrageous circumstances.

  • Savage Souls

    Savage Souls


    couldn't bring myself to care about most of the things that happen here (if I even understood half of it) but the craft on display is just so extraordinary as expected from ruiz

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  • Texasville



    Everyone has sex with each other and everyone is kinda sad.
    Great film.

  • Great Day in the Morning

    Great Day in the Morning


    It's only about gold and war. Greed and power. And in a world like that love is just another word for the male sexual desire, one that you just take but never give. Tourneur filters this male-centered worldview critically through the presence of two intelligent woman. One hates the love she has because it is a one-sided affair and the other one believes in the power of her emotion, to sacrifice herself for it, and at the end the hero…