Vox Lux

kind of odd, but Vox Lux reminds me of the phrase "aim for the moon so even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" because it did just that: it strives for the extreme, and even though it misses the mark, the ambition is undeniable and memorable. as i recall this rather cheesy quote on my way home, i also remember how it was plastered all over the walls of my space-themed elementary classroom -- filled with hand-painted styrofoam planets and colorful solar system diagrams. this warm memory lingers away slowly into a disquieting thought when i relate it back to the events portrayed in the film: this could've been me, this could've been any classroom, and this depiction is horrifically accurate and triggering for those who have faced it. 

it's disturbing and alluring, and i like how i don’t fully like it. i get disappointed thinking about the ending and how little it concludes the trauma. but the more i think about it, the more it feels like an honest depiction; there has yet to be a way to fix the agony. pop culture and terrorism have surprisingly weaved together as a form of disillusion because there's no comforting way to deal with the grim reality. as long as we're afraid of discomfort, i'm not sure there will ever be a true and mature approach for solutions.

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