A Ghost Story ★★★★

"I'm waiting for someone."
"I can't remember."

The idea of us being left behind after we die has always been very scary to me. The concept of our minds rotting away slowly until completely lost in eternal wandering. A Ghost Story becomes a sort of never-ending looping void that walks a different path from the horror side of this kind of story. But there are horrors within it.

The only problem is the film drags its feet. Purposefully, I might add, but still. The infamous pie scene is the best example of this. It is one of the most painful things I've ever had to sit through and I was begging for it to end. There's a lot of moments that linger a little too long. Then the last act happens and you're taken on a journey across space and time, given historical context for the hauntings and presented with ideas on a huge scope.

A Ghost Story is not for everyone, throughout I kept imagining floods of people leaving theatres. I do however think if you can stick it out and let it wash over you the way it was intended to it'll be one of the most profound deconstructions of death you'll ever see.

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