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This review may contain spoilers.

A Quiet Place is an effective and innovative horror that is incredible at building tension and making you feel the anxiety of its world.

You could probably have a field day poking holes in this (and I'm sure you nerds have already done), yeah there's a few illogical things but that's not really the point here and it's way more fun to talk about how original and well written John Krasinski's flick is. First of all, when you're willing to open your film like that, skip all exposition and do something the audience really won't see coming that's already a win in my book. Obviously that kid was going to turn that rocket on, although it was slightly unrealistic considering he's been told it will legit bring monsters, but I did not expect that. Follow a brutal death up with some nuanced family drama, a fucking killer Emily Blunt performance and well paced scares and you've got yourself a tight horror.

There's room for improvement, I feel like the film is just a few steps away from brilliance and like I said there are some logistical questions I really wanted to Google half way through the film but A Quiet Place is jam packed with fresh storytelling and although it's not quite there in terms of reaching its full potential in the way of being chilling and creepy it is still mightily impressive and a really exciting watch.

I'm between 3½ stars and 4 but that last shot... whew. Looper nostalgia. I just love me a lady holding a shot gun. Let me mull it over for a bit.

I tried to go downstairs without making a noise and it made me realise how frustrating living in a silent world would be. Imagine not being able to break things when you're angry or mutter "fuck" when you stub your toe. I would not do well.

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