Aladdin ★★

Certainly not the utter disaster I was expecting, but unfortunately all its positives come from the fact it's a remake of an already existing, and much loved, film. It simply doesn't benefit from the translation into live action in any way. Though it was watchable and occasionally fun in its musical numbers and refreshing treatment of Jasmine, for the most part it was plastic. Speaking of plastic, Aladdin's emotional journey is lost behind the humour and attempted spectacle of the film - and it doesn't help that the performance is overly polished.

Overall, this in terms of storytelling is incredibly weak, but it does quite well to make you forget it. However, there's just no punch. Despite colourful source material, this remake is bland a forgettable throwaway. I would've loved to have seen the animated film in this format if it had been half as charming. Just does nothing that makes it worthwhile. It's genuinely hard to explain how inoffensive this movie is. Jafar is a shadow of the intimidating figure he was in the original, Genie is simply terrible to look at, and the character beats are drowned.

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