Anima ★★★½

Anima is mindless, and I don't mean that in a bad way. It's mindless in the way a laugh or smile is. It's absent of friction, but not conflict. In a sort of clambering but calm way, it feels as if there's only one destination - and we're all walking towards it.

Reminded me of long walks back home after drunk nights out, and the way you don't feel the cold - numb to it and everything else outside the fleeting moments passing by. And droopy, tired faces on the subway, ones that are easy to categorise and fantasise about. In between the mundane bores of commutes and late nights, we all sort of know, and care for, each other.

I love this format. Visual albums are nice, but often too long for me to commit to. But these, these long and strange music videos that span across a few songs are perfect. I often end up loving the music later, and always think of the film when listening to it. I love having something to associate with sound, whether it be my own memories or something constructed such as this.

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