Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

A Larry Fong billboard, badass ladies, rippling muscles, and gratituous violence... Hello cinema.

Jokes aside, this was actually a good deal darker than I thought it was gonna be. I kind of expected more fun casino antics. Along those lines, I have to say my biggest gripe is that it's typically cynical on Snyder's part — I think this film in particular would have benefited from a more satisfying ending and keeping even just one more of the team alive. That being said, I do find it funny when people overreact to that aspect of his filmography and think he wants to turn the key on a nuclear bomb or something and despises the human condition. 😭

I suppose that speaks to the character work though: I thoroughly enjoyed all the players in this and thought the actors all did great. I was genuinely invested and wanting them all (except the baddies obviously) to make it out of there, which makes the deaths meaningful. Dave Bautista had quite a bit to do here emotionally and I think he hit it out the park.

The action was great, cinematography was nice (wasn't a fan of the aspect ratio choice, though) and I enjoyed the random variety to the soundtrack, a Snyder staple. While the movie has a lot of CGI it also never went too far into feeling unreal which is also a wonderful achievement when you've got a zombie city.

This is probably objectively one of Snyder's best and although it has its occasional dumb moments and concludes a bit too bitterly for my taste, I had a fantastic time and think the movie juggles a lot very well. It has something for everyone and is able to dip into some grittiness while keeping things tense in a exciting environment.

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