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This review may contain spoilers.

This and Ant-Man are the only Marvel outings that I can stick on without having to be in the mood for a superhero movie. Captain Marvel is really easy going and watchable, which in some ways is bad but in others pretty good. I absolutely acknowledge the flaws, and it's not all I wanted it to be, but I do enjoy it for what it is.

All the Maria stuff is brilliant, and those are the scenes where I'm like... Yeah Brie Larson can pull this off. She's not fully at home in the snark which is understandable (Carol is a very specific type of douche bag💙) but in the scenes where she's finally given details and personality she can finally grow into the role. The family dynamic is super cute, and although Marvel are not at the stage where they're brave enough for a staple gay character, the choices in direction and the script here are quite... terms of romantic framing. My heart grows 3 sizes upon hearing "lieutenant trouble".

Also still find the stuff with the Skrulls refreshing. Even though I'm quite into my comics I've actually never read anything where they were the misunderstood bad guys so that was a surprise for me here. Idk if that means they'll never do any type of secret invasion story line in the future now that they've sort of in canon said that Skrulls are good. So it's actually a big choice in terms of the future of the MCU.

If this wasn't so enjoyable, the at times miscalculated plot and unfortunate plain execution would really bother me. So I'm lucky I do find it charming. For round 2 I'm gonna be asking for better action, VFX, a script with better depths to it, and just in general more personality and tone. This is a tough origin to perfect, so I'm just glad I dig it.

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