Earthquake Bird ★★½

Honestly a very intriguing film that makes up for a lot of things by being effectively mysterious. Despite most of the story and characters being shrouded I found this to be interesting and wanted to follow through with it till the end.

A lot of the ideas don't mesh as well as I would've liked, and I think the source material probably did a better job with a lot of the nuances of this - and boyo are there a lot of them.

This tackles female friendship dynamics quite well in a sort of demeaning way - it really is all about the boyfriend - but regardless I found Vikander and Keough's interactions to be dynamite. They're both class acts and the tension and weirdness they bring to the table is great. Naoki Kobayashi also fulfills his role as an obsessed-to-a-fault artist wonderfully.

Well shot, and stylistically had a lot going for it. It's a very detached film though and I think this will be splitting audiences.