Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé ★★★

Obviously a huge cultural moment, and obviously the woman at the centre of it is ethereal, and obviously it has a lot of amazing music and dancing. All that obviously

What isn't obvious is why celebrities keep slapping that exact same film footage filter over everything. The Kardashians use it in their show all the time and it's crazy to me that the purpose of it is to create an image that looks nostalgic and authentic but what happens is it ends up being this faux version of things because it is simply thrown on to make it aesthetic without any real reason.

Anyway, Beyoncé is really cool, obviously. I dig the chaotic energy. The scoring of the BTS footage is excellent, and the experience of the high def sound from the live show is a great "come listen to my sound set-up!" excuse. Absolutely screamed at the Destiny's Child reunion

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