Jaws ★★★★½

Jaws is one of the most memorable films of all time. The impact it left on pop culture and people in general is in itself other worldly. I saw it as a kid, I probably wasn't paying much attention but growing up I had a fear of water, even in swimming pools I was waiting for some catastrophic event to occur. I can pin that on Jaws. I was fascinated with sharks of all kinds, I read every book I could, watched every documentary and spent hours learning about one of earth's sturdiest and scariest creatures. They're something to behold. Spielberg takes irrational fear (it is pretty irrational, your chances of getting killed by a shark are less than getting killed by a juice machine) and terrorises you to the point of never wanting to set foot in water again. He takes the fear of the unknown, the legs dangling beneath the surface and uses it to perfect horror in its purest form and applies it so well that 10 year old me didn't care about the fact it's impossible for a 25ft long great white to get into my local public pool, she's going to look down and check before she gets in anyway.

Globally, the foot print was made. And sharks are one of the most terrifying things I can think of, even if I am in awe of them. The frenzied panic of Jaws is spine tingling and seriously fucking scary. It's been hailed as the movie that made people want to stay out of the water. That's no over statement. That scene where everyone is scrambling out the ocean is horrifying and the sense of paranoia brought to life through Brody is enthralling.

John Williams' score is enough to make me squirm without the need for an impressive mechanical shark. Spielberg's direction is masterful in setting pace, the characters are fully formed and charasmatic. This is a true classic if there ever was one. Steven Spielberg literally scared the entire world. With a movie that still subconsciously makes people think twice before jumping in. That shit is crazy.

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