Old ★★★

All those 3am thoughts about life, death, and that new grey you found that keep you up at night, spread across every generation, condensed into a weird, fucked up thriller. Somehow a piercing exposé on our most natural fears and also a silly mystery with lots of typical Shyamalan jaw drop moments.

To list everything this is ~about~ would be pointless because its show don't tell approach needs nothing accompanying it. It's an entertaining, hokey vehicle for all the ruthless realities of aging. I imagine this would be a particularly stressful watch for parents, because it's not just our own decay that terrifies us, but also how we can't protect those we bring into the world from it, and eventually they have to end up taking care of us. There's no need for monsters or conspiracy theories here, although the mystery of the beach is quite compelling.

Unfortunately, it's 20 minutes too long and the pacing left me burned out by the end.

Watch this back to back with Relic if you want to fold in on yourself like origami 😂

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