Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★

Let me start off by saying I'm a huge DC fan, so it doesn't take a lot to impress me. I loved BvS, I like Man of Steel. I've been waiting almost 2 years for this movie. Hyping and talking about it everyday. Man am I disappointed. I'm so sad to be writing this because I wanted to love it, I really did.

Within the first ten minutes Suicide Squad doesn't take itself seriously, and continues to do so throughout. It tried way too hard to be funny straight off the bat. Oddly timed humour feels out of place and weird editing starts things off. Speaking of comedic value - Boomerang was great. I did laugh. The attempt at making that other character funny? Didn't laugh. When you take the scary character who makes the scene cooler and turn said character into a bad joke they loses their value.

Deadshot was great, I enjoyed his story and I felt Will Smith's struggle. Harley was a joy to watch. Every scene with her feels unpredictable, Margot Robbie really brought her to life. And that rain scene on the car, one of the films best moments. Jared Leto's joker was great, I'm upset they cut a lot of his and Harley's scenes. The abusive and complex part of their relationship is thrown out the window for something much more simple, I also wish we had just more pre-squad Joker story.

Batfleck - dad as always. That cameo. Nice. El Diablo, my favourite squad member, got done dirty in every way. Katana didn't have nearly enough screen time. Enchantress was cool for the first half, loses all of that via an unconvincing (bless her) Cara Delevingne. Viola Davis is fantastic, I hope she gets her Oscar soon. The dynamics between the squad were great to watch and the chemistry was there.

The plot however was small scale, lazy, and disappointing. If I had to match the word anti climatic with a film I'd choose this. When you have these great characters and source material there is so much at your disposal. When you put them in a narrative that undermines every move it's not even one tenth as epic as it could be. Completely rushed and unbelievable development between the characters and their dynamics (other than the Harley & Deadshot niceness). A threat that felt in no way real.

The character deaths we all saw coming had no weight. The first death was pretty fun but the one that mattered had no impact what so ever and got no emotional reaction out of me.

There were things I did like. The acid scene, the rain scene, the bar sequence, some traded punches and remarks. Amanda Waller being amoral. Harley's fantastic reaction to the thing that happens and the way the other squad members react.

I wish I could sit here and ramble and say I loved this, but unfortunately even I can't pretend this was half as good as it should have been. Whoever made the trailers deserves a medal. This is a completely different film than what I was expecting.

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