Summer of 84 ★½

I lose followers every time I make these types of complaints but I don't need fragility in my life so here we go: I'm tired of the same 'group of teenage boys solve a mystery' story. Almost every review of Summer of 84 comments on how it rides the nostalgia-porn wave that the likes of Stranger Things brought on and that's correct. Every archetype, trope etc. is there.

But this weirded me out more than usual with multiple conversations about jacking off, boners and then the dead in the water trope of the main kid in the group having a crush on the pretty popular girl who is all mysterious and naked in her bedroom as he stares through binoculars. It's textbook fantasy fulfillment by adult filmmakers and it's been done to death. There's not anything fresh about this. I don't believe it needs to take up so much time. You might assume I'm offended by the girl character in this (she's terrible) but I'm actually not. This is too run-of-the-mill to be offensive. It's simply grating and deserving of cringe face. This one 😬.

If you're considering arguing with me in the comments please don't I'm very tired.

PS the rating isn't based on that^ it's based on the fact I was bored as fuck for most of it. Costumes are cool and when it does heat things up at the end it does it well.

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