The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House ★★★★½

“Forgiveness is warm. Like a tear on a cheek. Think of that and of me when you stand in the rain. I loved you completely. And you loved me the same. That's all. The rest is confetti.“

A horror masterpiece about essential bonds, empty voids, and how we might hope to heal them. Every bit as heartbreaking as it is incredible, Mike Flanagan's take on one of fiction's most famous haunted houses is one that focuses on reparations, and the timelessness of love.

Each character comes with their own particular flavour of pain from the past, their own ailments, and their own solutions - which happen to be within themselves and eachother. Beautifully constructed, going the extra mile in every way conceivable, this is simply worth every ounce of sadness that comes with it. Probably the most outrageous Emmy snub in recent years.

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