The Hustle

The Hustle ★★

I understand, to an extent, why people hated this. But I don't think it's insufferable. I DO think people, especially men, don't really like Rebel Wilson though. I get that she's pigeon holed a lot, but when you don't fit in the canon of what Hollywood accepts you might try to run with what makes you different. Overall, I think she's a funny woman who has done really well to stand out and like Melissa McCarthy has picked up some haters along the way. Less food jokes though please.

This was so outlandish and silly that I did just give in and found it funny pretty often. The reverse prima nocta joke was a nice jab. They shouldn't have bothered with having Anne Hathaway have an English accent, and sometimes the humour is too low brow to be fun, but nothing too awful. The blind bit had me rolling. Also, "Penny Rust".

My issue is that what should've been a 15 minute gag (the blind thing and competition) actually turned out to be the whole plot. The film ran out of narrative. The character writing from there on was very lazy.