Zombieland: Double Tap ★★½

A superficial sequel that somehow manages to take everything that was frustrating about the first Zombieland and turn it up to 11.

The faux girl-power in this is so bad that it's borderline offensive in how thinly it veils the simplistic views the filmmakers have on female characters. The movie is largely pointless scenes designed around the character tension - which is essentially just female characters reacting to the desires of male ones.

The trailer gives the impression of a much more solid narrative and enjoyable road movie. This is barely a film behind the contrived nature of Columbus' romantic life. The fact Zoey Deutch manages to make Madison funny is kind of a miracle because her involvement is simply nonsense and ill-considered.

I like the characters and enjoy the chosen family dynamic and fun zombie stuff, but behind it is such woefully unimaginative writing and plot. It's a shame, because the cast is great and some of the humour really works.

I get that some may read my thoughts on how this handles the women in it and be like 'wtf is she talking about'. But honestly, I'm just a bit tired of minimal effort trends. You've got Emma fucking Stone in your deck, and this is the best you could come up with? As an older sister I can tell you that Madison would be the least of my worries had I been in her shoes in this movie.

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