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  • Oslo, August 31st
  • The Wedding Banquet
  • Columbus
  • Marie Antoinette

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  • Super Troopers

  • Life

  • Zombieland: Double Tap

  • Unbreakable

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  • Bergman Island

    Bergman Island


    Mia Hansen-Løve delves into relationships, legacy, and the creative process with Bergman Island, a subtly barbed charmer that makes for a fascinating new entry in her filmography.

    You’re best off not knowing much about the plot going it (I knew nothing beyond the very basics); Hansen-Løve’s idiosyncratic way of letting things unspool is a joy.

    And a top-notch cast also adds heft to a film that could have otherwise been a tad too languid. Instead, Bergman Island ends up offering warmth and unassuming charisma in spades.

  • Peppermint



    Unsurprisingly, it doesn't add anything new to the well-worn vigilante territory it treads. But Jennifer Garner gives a way better performance than a movie like this warrants. And—perhaps directly as a result of that—Peppermint is actually fairly entertaining (even if it does start spinning its narrative wheels somewhat after a surprisingly decent first half). And though the writing of Garner's character isn't exactly ~deep~, her dogged, single-minded determination propels the film along nicely.

    Peppermint is exactly what you'd expect, but sometimes that isn't so bad.

Popular reviews

  • Talk Radio

    Talk Radio


    Watching Talk Radio in 2017 is a weird experience. The film should feel hopelessly dated, what with even its basic plot details, as well as its references to “topical” things like Vietnam and Ted Bundy. It should feel like a relic of the ‘80s. A cinematic window into a half-forgotten past. But instead, for better or worse, Oliver Stone crafted something that still feels eerily relevant nearly 30 years after its release.

    The film follows Barry Champlain, a Dallas-based talk…

  • Mud



    You may not think you need another small-town America coming-of-age indie, but believe me, you definitely need Mud.

    This hazy drama tells the story of two 14-year-old boys, Ellis and Neckbone (Tye Sheridan and Jacob Lofland) who live in an Arkansas fishing community. One day, they stumble on the mysterious, alluring Mud (Matthew McConaughey) and inadvertently get tied up with his shady past by agreeing to help Mud get in touch with the girl he loves (Reece Witherspoon).

    The plot…