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  • Support the Girls

    Support the Girls


    A bit of a jumble, but a thoroughly charming and frequently effective one at that.

    The first act wonderfully sets up the world of Double Whammies, creating a hyper-specific sense of place. That first half-hour zips along and paints such vivid portraits of the key players. Which makes it a bit of let down when the narrative then starts to reach further than it needs to. More characters are introduced and a few unnecessary plot beats get thrown in, detracting…

  • Colette



    Tells the colourful (based-on-a-) true story of the French writer Colette and how she turned her life story into a wildly popular series of novels, all while writing under her husband's pen name. Director Wash Westmoreland brings a welcome dash of modernity to the story, especially when focusing on the rather taboo (for the time) sex life Colette and her husband led. And for their part, Keira Knightley and Dominic West (playing said husband) inject a lot of life into…

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  • Mud



    You may not think you need another small-town America coming-of-age indie, but believe me, you definitely need Mud.

    This hazy drama tells the story of two 14-year-old boys, Ellis and Neckbone (Tye Sheridan and Jacob Lofland) who live in an Arkansas fishing community. One day, they stumble on the mysterious, alluring Mud (Matthew McConaughey) and inadvertently get tied up with his shady past by agreeing to help Mud get in touch with the girl he loves (Reece Witherspoon).

    The plot…

  • Signs



    Signs is a film that just never gets old for me. This was my fourth viewing, and I approach it a slightly different way each time. The first time I saw it was at a birthday party when I was twelve, and it scared the absolute crap out of me. Seriously, I had nightmares for a couple of nights afterwards based on the birthday party newscast scene alone. It wasn't a particularly enjoyable viewing experience for someone with virtually no…