Batman ★★★★

Hah, I remember when this came out, we thought it was the dark, dark version. Now, after the Nolan batverse, it looks pretty campy. It's an odd mix of awesome and wince, all mixed up. Nicholson's Joker veers between an Alan Moore/Frank Miller Joker that is spot on, to more like a studio exec's idea of the Joker. The scenes go from dark and richly gothic (majestically Metropolis-like) to studio-bound lame.

And so the film goes, veering from awesome to laughable, and back again, but with enough elements - in particular Keaton's tone and performance - to make sure it feels overall awesome.

I am kind of wanting to see the Schumacher ones to properly reset this one right in my head - that Burton did it quite well after all, and I'm just imagining at least some of the bad in it.

And Nicholson has some wonderful lines.