Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo ★★★★½

Takes The Blair Witch Project's idea of the camera as simultaneous buffer between you and reality and terrifying confirmation of horror as reality and progresses it into the realm of digital image-capturing. When the real is capable of being manipulated, the line between the artificial and the hauntological blurs—ghosts become digital artifacts and digital artifacts become ghosts. It becomes impossible to say whether the supernatural is always with us or whether we manufacture it into being.

The above philosophical meandering is wrapped around a core of tragedy and violation—there's absolutely zero chance the choice of "Palmer" as the family surname was coincidental—that tethers it to visceral horror where it could have wandered into the abstract. The two elements come together in a single shot that's one of the most unspeakably terrifying images I've ever seen, one that's gonna be burned into my brain.

So yeah, bed tonight will be fun.

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