Midsommar ★★

Looooooool, what a total waste of time. The one-perfect-shot compositions and Florence Pugh are literally the only things going for this, and Aster seems to realize that because toward the end his cribbing from The Wicker Man gets utterly shameless. But of course it's a Wicker Man ripoff with symmetrical compositions and a droning score so people will say it's brilliant.

I liked Hereditary more than a lot of people I follow on here because its pretensions were undercut by how genuinely upsetting it was and how bugfuck insane it got in the final act. Neither of those qualities is present here, just a lot of flailing about at vague Themes. It's about grief! No, it's about misogyny! No wait, it's about cultural relativism! Not in quite as bad taste as the new Suspiria deciding it was gonna throw in Holocaust guilt, but Jesus.

Also, Hannibal already did a lot of the more striking imagery here and did it better, on network television. Just throwin' that out there.

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