The Hudsucker Proxy

The Hudsucker Proxy ★★

Tim Robbins' face may be the most uniquely punchable in cinematic history. His dire miscasting is the primary thing to sink this whole endeavor--he plays Norville's cluelessness and boorishness at such an obnoxiously broad level that even when he's supposed to be sympathetic, he comes off as an utter clod. In most Coens movies, that would mean he's destined for a comeuppance, but parodic flourishes aside, the brothers play his happy ending straight--and in so doing completely neglect Jennifer Jason Leigh, who's the movie's one bright spot (besides its production design) in spite of the chauvinism it hurls at her.

Went into this rewatch hoping I'd pick up on stuff I'd like more. Instead, I came away with an even stronger distaste for the movie. It's witless, sloppy (that flashback to Mussburger's tailor, eesh), and unbearably pleased with itself. Thank God the Coens never worked with Sam Raimi again.