Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★

Hews far closer to standard cape mode than BvS, which means my affection for it is much more surface level - I'll take its predecessor's galaxy-brain thematic swings and portent over a good time at the movies any day. But what a good time at the movies!!! Absolute structural marvel, four hours that fly by, crosscutting and interweaving with such deftness that I could have taken another hour. Its heroes are treated with such earnestness and care - even Miller's near-caricature Flash, who would be a single note in a lesser film, has something more breathed into him. And while the first hour is plagued by some unfortunately muddy compositions and effects (anything to do with the Amazons still looks unfinished), the climax mingles coherent spectacle and hind-brain joy with genuine beauty. Marred by the overlong coda, which is the only place that feels self-indulgent, Snyder taking a victory lap and shoving his post-credits teases into the main dish. But the man has earned it, and the final minutes' promise of a universe never to come are in their own way a fitting conclusion.

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