goodhunterabbie has written 3 reviews for films rated ★★ during 2020.

  • Greenberg
  • Hamilton



    Put aside the at best incredibly misguided and more likely deliberately calculated choice to recast the American Revolution as a diverse movement against a white supremacist Britain, rather than a group of rich white slaveholders balking at taxes. It's not even good on the merits of its music! Miranda cannot rap worth a damn, and his inability extends to the songwriting itself—everything is mushy and clumsy, and even Daveed Diggs, one of the most technically proficient rappers alive, is left…

  • Cube



    Comes up with an extremely compelling explanation for a horror movie—"the government built a massive torture chamber out of pure inertia and then threw people in it because otherwise it couldn't justify the expenditure"—and then just . . . lets it drop? Shame. It was a mistake for the characters to throw that idea out there so early on, because I spent the rest of the runtime wishing I were watching THAT movie instead of a bunch of poorly written…