Light in the Piazza

Light in the Piazza ★★★½

Disturbing on many levels. At times it feels like a landmark entry in the post-war cinema of infantilized nubile young women, at times like a serious exploration of the nature of love, and at times like the most apprehension-inducing thriller. That latter reaction might be the result of my imposing a reading on the film that is not supported by it’s content, but I don’t think so. No matter, it’s still done quite well. Olivia de Havilland carries most of the film with her accustomed grace, Yvette Mimieux is stunning and disconcerting, and Rossano Brazzi essentially reprises his role from “Summertime” while turning the charm up to eleven. The less said about George Hamilton as Brazzi’s Italian son the better, as usual.

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