Slugs ★★★★

You mean there's a movie about killer slugs from the guy who directed Pieces and Pod People? Sold. Of course, these are mutated slugs that d vour people and it's up to the guy from the health department to stop them! Doesn't sound very riveting when I put it like that. Aside from his friend, all the others are throwaways and only feel shoehorned into the movie to pad out the run time. I don't remember if most of them had names, they're that memorable, but the film will occasionally cut to them. I think the best part about the film is the special effects, which look amazing. A man cutting his hand off because a slug crawled into it has never looked so convincing. Of course, I don't know why he wouldn't take the glove off. The most memorable piece is when a guys face explodes with all these little worms (parasites found in slugs). I actually found it kind of sad when the main character's friend dies and you see his eye collapsed and eyes bulging out. It's a little too grotesque. The music is laughable and sounds better suited for a 70s copy drama. It's also looped and doesn't fit with anything happening. It's a riot to watch and you'll love the dialogue, especially "you don't have the right to declare Happy Birthday!"