The Sandlot

The Sandlot ★★★

this is a classic and i used to love it like two years ago, but boy this is kind of a mess. i really really fucking love some scenes to this day, like the swimming pool, fourth of july, and ferris wheel scenes, but the second half of this film really drags. as soon as smalls gets them into “da pickle” it just feels very slow and boring and not the “feel-good sports film” disney plus promised. also throughout the film the directing and editing choices are like very questionable. some transitions and fast-paced scenes feel like one of the kids from the film was chosen to edit them, it’s just really bad sometimes. and the directing, like who told the kids to overact that much towards the end? it takes away from the thrill of those scenes and doesn’t feel believable especially smalls. that’s about it. i respect the coming of age baseball movie this is and how many lives it’s touched so far but THE BENCHWARMERS STILL NEGS STAY MAD BOZO XDDDDDDD