Yi Yi

Look kid. I know a thing or two about kino, and lemme tell you: if this ain't kino, I don't know what is. You've got a perfectly paced family drama filled with humanity, humour, and heart. You've got beautifully shot environments and interiors of Taiwan, a tasteful pinch of music, and a mastery of the cinematic technique. It's three hours and manages to juggle three story-lines effortlessly without resorting to cliches or ham-fisted messaging. All of it works because Edward Yang knows kino, and he knows what it means to put it into praxis. All the elements balance each other in such a way that I'm left feeling not sad or happy or tired, but fulfilled like a hearty meal on a cold Winter's eve. I did not waste three hours of my life watching this, and you won't either should you give this film the viewing it rightfully deserves. My only regret is not watching his other films prior, but I will not hesitate in re-watching once I have.