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  • Mind Twister

    Mind Twister


    The 90s and its erotic thrillers ... And this one is directed by the king of sleaze Fred Olen Ray !

    It's curious to see Telly Savalas (the eternal Kojak) in this kind of movie, but fortunately he keeps dressed all the time. It's one of his last movies.

    The plot is fine for a B movie and there are some hot nude and sex scenes, but no full frontal.

    IMDB told me that this movie is a remake of "Sins of Desire" from the previous year (1993). I haven't seen "Sins of Desire", but it's on my watchlist.

  • Uncle Buck

    Uncle Buck


    John Hughes movie starring John Candy. The 2 Johns are reason enough to give a chance to this comedy.

    Candy is "Uncle Buck". He has to take care of a naughty teenager and 2 kids.

    Lovely movie with laughs and tender.

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  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2


    That's an 80s classic !

    Bizarre show with the craziest family in Texas. After all these years the movie still delivers the goods - courtesy of Tom Savini.

    Some people criticize Texas 2 for being too grotesque and show Leatherface as a retarded fat man. Even taking that into consideration, I still think it's a great movie.

    The soundtrack is very good, with songs by Timbuk 3, Concrete Blonde, Cramps and Oingo Boingo.

  • Poltergeist III

    Poltergeist III


    Better than the second and almost as good as the first movie. It transforms a building in a scary set. After this movie Heather O'Rourke passed away and they put an end to the Poltergeist franchise, until the remake this year.