Tenet ★★★★

Or: How Nolan Learned To Stop Brooding and Love the Bomb

His biggest, dumbest, least portentous and most colorful film to date. The audio mix is of course a colossal mess, but the narrative is not difficult to follow, and I’m not particularly sad to have missed a lot of the dialogue.  Eschewing the desperate invitation to scrutiny which hindered the fairly straightforward Inception, this one chiefly withholds information to serve its own plot and seems to understand that its clever premise exists only to kick the (fucking spectacular) action sequences into gear. Characters have personality but nothing interior (playing to Nolan’s strength, for the second film in a row), and all of the leads are fun to watch. I wouldn’t have risked infection to see this on its own, but as the B-side of a visit to Orange County to see Kajillionaire (and perhaps crucially, my first theatrical film in over six months), it was extremely satisfying.

Please don’t mistake my enthusiasm for a recommendation to see this in theaters.

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