Favorite films

  • Premutos: Lord of the Living Dead
  • Frankenstein Stalks
  • The Gruesome Twosome
  • Baked Baby Jesus

Recent activity

  • Charade


  • My Lovely Burnt Brother and His Squashed Brain


  • Cliffhanger


  • Ghostbusters


Recent reviews

  • My Lovely Burnt Brother and His Squashed Brain

    My Lovely Burnt Brother and His Squashed Brain


    Italian bad taste  middle school humor super 8. There’s some great moments sprinkled in here but god is it boring.

  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife


    This movie is incredibly enjoyable if you can accept that it’s essentially Stranger Things: Ghostbusters, and very much a soft reboot. For a sequel to a 30 something year old franchise the 80s nostalgia route is the easy obvious sell. 3 kids digging around their grandfather’s old ghostbuster equipment and accidentally getting into supernatural adventures was super charming. Yes, each kid was basically just a version of Peter, Egon, and Ray; and Paul Rudd was Tully but it worked for…

Popular reviews

  • Halloween Party

    Halloween Party


    Rubber mask slasher made by teens with a camcorder in ‘89. Bratty girls have a party and watch Halloween on vhs. Things go wrong when a few of them go to pick up a pizza and run into a masked guy who  likes to wipe blood on people’s necks with his knife. It’s complete with a stolen sound track from Halloween, lofi in-camcorder scrolling credits set to Alice Cooper, and ends with a blooper reel and a music video for Monster Mash. A fun look back in time to kids having fun on Halloween.

  • Titanic 2000

    Titanic 2000


    TITanic 2000. “A vampire’s lust is unsinkable”. Possibly the best title and tag line I’ve ever seen. Of course there’s a softcore titanic vampire movie with Tina Kraus, Bill Hellfire, and (an all too brief cameo of) Misty Mundae. Not one shot of this movie was taken on a boat, about 90% of this movie was green screen backgrounds. One set was the baggage room where the vampire’s coffin was stored, it was covered in tin foil and has a…