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  • Elvira's Haunted Hills

    Elvira's Haunted Hills


    A love letter to the classic Roger Corman Edgar Allen Poe films and the films of Vincent Price. Elvira loves these films and that is shown in the attention-to-detail with the production design and the many fun Easter eggs. It's also nice to see a comedy parody led by a woman. This was made in the early 2000's and we still don't see enough films like this. The cast is great and Richard O'Brien is a nice addition. The dedications…

  • The Gingerdead Man

    The Gingerdead Man

    On a rewatch, I was really impressed with the performances. They're not amazing but for a Full Moon feature, they're pretty good. I also liked the characters. The biggest thing holding this one back is the tone which goes from intense thriller/drama to campy comedy.

    Recommendation: It's a cheap Chucky knock-off. If you enjoy similar movies like Jack Frost (not the Michael Keaton one!), you'll probably like this one too.

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  • Hounds of Love

    Hounds of Love


    Very disturbing and difficult to watch. Sort of a study in domestic violence and abusive, controlling relationships. It's filmed beautifully, the acting is great and it's well-paced. In fact, it feels almost too real at times and makes you feel dirty for watching it.

    This isn't the kind of film you watch to enjoy and I doubt it's one I'll ever rewatch, but I'm sure Hounds of Love will stick with me for some time.

    Recommendation: Rent it.
    Be sure to follow it up with some cute cat videos.

  • The Deep House

    The Deep House

    The premise is great. The execution...not so much. This had potential but it feels like a discount version of Ghost Ship. So much could have been done with this but it falls into lazy, found-footage cliches. The worst part is that we're stuck with two very annoying characters for the entire runtime. Their douchey influencer talk grated on my nerves.

    Recommendation: Just watch Ghost Ship instead. It's also cheesy but at least that one is fun.