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  • Corpse Mania

    Corpse Mania


    πŸ¦‡ Screams Around the World 2023 - China πŸ¦‡

    China hasn't been in the horror game for awhile. In the last decade, their biggest horror hits have been films they co-produced with America like Old and Knock at the Cabin. I did see Knock at the Cabin this year but for the Screams Around the World challenge, I wanted to explore Chinese culture more, so I took it back to the 80s!

    Initially the crime seems relatively straight-forward. A creep…

  • Lady Terminator

    Lady Terminator


    πŸ¦‡ Screams Around the World 2023 - Indonesia πŸ¦‡

    Remember how the opening of James Cameron's The Terminator had a sex scene where a guy pulled a snake out of a sea witch's penis fly trap and she responded by vowing to return in 100 years to kill his great-granddaughter? Well, Indonesia don't care. They've mixed their love for Schwarzenegger with their legend of the Queen of the South Sea to bring us this exploitation masterpiece!

    The film is a…

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  • All Girls Weekend

    All Girls Weekend


    I love that we get an all-female cast and that this was written and directed by a woman, but this is terrible. Dollar bin The Evil Dead without the deadites.

    Recommendation: πŸ—‘οΈ Trash it

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  • The Raven

    The Raven


    πŸ¦‡ B-Movie Coven Watch Party πŸ¦‡

    This adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven is by far the most original and the most fun. It's no surprise that the screenplay was written by my favorite author Richard Matheson (I am Legend, The Incredible Shrinking Man, What Dreams May Come).

    Vincent Price gives a ghoulishly gleeful performance. He plays off of the more menacing Boris Karloff character well. Providing much of the humor in the film is Peter Lorre. We also…

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  • Hounds of Love

    Hounds of Love


    Very disturbing and difficult to watch. Sort of a study in domestic violence and abusive, controlling relationships. It's filmed beautifully, the acting is great and it's well-paced. In fact, it feels almost too real at times and makes you feel dirty for watching it.

    This isn't the kind of film you watch to enjoy and I doubt it's one I'll ever rewatch, but I'm sure Hounds of Love will stick with me for some time.

    Grade: A-
    Recommendation: πŸ“Ό Rent…

  • Halloween Ends

    Halloween Ends


    I don't understand all the hate on this one. I think this ended David Gordon Green's trilogy well and I like that he never makes the same movie twice. He keeps finding something new to say about Michael Myers and Laurie Strode and once again, I think he did a great job.

    Grade: A-
    Recommendation: πŸ’Ώ Own It

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