Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason ★★½

This one is a mixed bag. On the one hand, the film delivers an epic fight scene in the final act. There are also a few kills I enjoy though most of the kills in this movie are just Jason stabbing teenagers. Freddy doesn't have much to do but cry about it until we're about halfway through. I also really enjoy our two institutionalized characters, but the rest of the cast is awful. They're unlikeable and they spout some of the worst dialogue.

The premise starts off well. I like the idea of Freddy using Jason to make the people of Springwood remember him. What I don't like is that Jason is now suddenly afraid of water. He spent nearly an entire movie on a boat. Our boy does not have a problem with water. They also went a little overkill with trying to make him sympathetic though I do love the scene where one of the kids has to give him CPR. Freddy is also a bit extra. He's always been a perv but he crosses over into cringe territory in this one. Dude, don't lick photos of little girls! That's just nasty.

I'm also disappointed in director Ronny Yu. He gave us one of my favorite Chucky movies Bride of Chucky but he didn't deliver his best work with this movie. It's edited like a music video with slow-mo and choppy cuts. Then there are all the characters flying through the air whenever they are hit. The film also goes all-in with the cheap CGI.

Recommendation: Proceed with Caution.
If you are a Freddy or Jason fan you kind of have to see it. If you are hungry to see these two battle it out, you might be satisfied. If terrible characters, worse dialogue, and crap effects ruin a movie for you, prepare to be disappointed.

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