Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★

Halloween Kills is a mixed bag.

Michael Myers is the most inhuman and frightening he has been since the original Halloween. He also has that same curiosity he had in the first film. He's like a child who pulls the wings off of flies just to see what will happen. The kills are visceral and creative. The visuals are great. It was amazing to see the Myers house again in this film. There is a flashback to the original movie that is also impressive. We see Loomis and he looks and sounds exactly like Donald Pleasance. Once again the music and sound design are well done.

This is not a mindless bloodbath. Yes, the kills are gory but we are led to genuinely care about the victims. The actors give emotional performances and I felt for them. What's more, the movie takes the time to mourn these characters when they are killed.

However, that leads me to my biggest complaint about the movie. At times the melodrama overwhelms the horror. After every kill, the movie cuts to a character making a long dramatic speech. What's more, all of the characters speak exactly the same. I cannot count how many times I heard someone say "boogeyman" or "evil dies tonight." It would be cheesy fun but the film takes itself so seriously that it feels campy. The characters are so dramatic that I half expected them to burst into song like in a musical. The dialogue has taken a nosedive since the last film and that's a shame because I think Halloween (2018) was well-written. It balanced the drama with horror and comedy. You will find none of that here. It's a see-saw that goes from melodrama to horror. When it horrors, it horrors well. When it dramas, it's cringe.

Recommendation: Worth Your Time. Stream It.
Despite my complaints, I do recommend this movie. I enjoyed it and I think that if you're a Halloween fan, you will too. I also loved seeing Michael Myers on the big screen again. However, if the melodrama sounds like enough to ruin the movie for you, you might want to stream this one on Peacock instead.

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