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  • Carriers



    Sleeper in many ways, this contagion movie may finally reach out to its intended public during the 2020 Pandemic. I hope it does, seeing how it verges on reality in many ways.

  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


    What a piece of crap that was! Tarantino out-Tarantinos himself this time. As he ages, he slowly slips into Trump territory, all fluff and no substance, with an uncanny ability to pontificate about morality to others based upon his, or his entourage's own shortcomings. A few months before his old buddy Weinstein was jailed for multiple rapes, Quentin reminds us how underage sex is not ok, thanks to the unflinching middle age white stunt male's capacity to resist underage street…

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  • Polisse



    I found this movie manipulative and it mostly annoyed me from beginning to end.

  • Roma



    How very refreshing it is to see a movie by a filmmaker who is not afraid to infuse meaning into every single shot he makes, as it should be, for film is a visual medium first and foremost. Filled with sometimes subtle, but most often not so subtle, references to film history, whether it be Forman, Fellini, Tarkovski, Bergman, the Nouvelle Vague, and those are but the few I caught on with my limited knowledge of it. Run, if you still can, catch it on the big screen.