Mirror ★★★★★

[One of the most gorgeous Russian films to date.]

{Surreal poetry, captivating slow motion , and mesmerizing scenery.}

The transitions of color & modern aura, for being such an aged film, are wondrous. Hard to believe Tarkovsky was able to capture such beauty during such a difficult time in history. I guess that’s why he’s one of the greatest to ever do it, facing challenges he prevails with ease.  He was waaaaay ahead of his time. Especially under the circumstances of living under the  Soviet Union control. My thoughts the entire viewing were certainly sublimed by Tarkovsky’s spiritual ambience and essence if you will. Even every character somehow pulls off a debonair and sophisticated style that pulled me in an unusual manner. By no means rudimentary, Tarkovsky’s style bewitches me every time I see his work. The unconventional plot defies all basic rules of direction & proves how intricate and advanced film can be with a much keener eye than your typical director. And  The Mirror is by far Tarkovsky’s most personal creation. And one of his best.

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