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  • The Kiss
  • Serpentine Dance
  • Something Good - Negro Kiss
  • Pan-American Exposition by Night
  • The Little Match Seller

an empty bliss beyond this world

485 films

I've tried curating an extensive list of favourites on this site multiple times, but I always end up forgetting to…

  • The Illiac Passion
  • Gilles, José, Marcel
  • ...och efter skymning kommer mörker
  • My First Film
  • Le Troisième Oeil

Looking for wonders

21 films

All help is appreciated, including information about screenings in northern Europe, physical/digital releases, and links.

  • Tomorrow’s Promise
  • Autre fois j'ai aimé une femme
  • Remembrance: A Portrait Study
  • Private Imaginings and Narrative Facts
  • Heliography

13 films

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