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  • Nude Area

    Nude Area

    A bold and brave vision, Urszula Antoniak's Nude Area is an immersive descent into the sensual and seductive relationship which unfolds between two female teenagers over an idyllic summer in Amsterdam. A silent film in which zero dialogue is uttered throughout its 80 minutes running time, Antoniak's Nude Area is a film reliant on visual aesthetic and non-dialogue driven performance, deconstructing budding young love in a way that is reflective and honest about the emotional turbulence and internal psychology which…

  • I Am Guilty

    I Am Guilty

    Christoph Hochhäusler's I Am Guilty is a pensive study of emotional detachment, alienation, and existential malaise, a film that gracefully deconstructs the cold, dehumanizing effect which the passage into adulthood can have on the adolescent, one in which the individual comes face-to-face with the objective reality of life itself- no one is special in the realm of space and time. Focused on Armin Steeb, a young man on the brink of adulthood, who just finished school but clueless and perhaps…

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  • Monday


    Sabu's Monday is quite the ride- textually surrealist and often absurdist, yet underneath its frantic surface lays a pointed commentary on the binary, simplistic nature of Japanese society. The story of a businessman who wakes up in a posh hotel room, totally clueless about how he got there, Monday chronicles this man's vague recollection of the day before, taking the viewer on a singular experience, one not confined by narrative formalism, where everything and anything seems possible. A social satire…

  • Jojo Rabbit

    Jojo Rabbit

    A complete and utter disaster that is quite frankly an abomination in which everyone involved should be deeply ashamed. The film's playfulness is such a gross miscalculation, sending the film down a path of tonal degradation where the dire nature of such human catastrophe never feels palatable or as tense or dangerous as it should. The structure and narrative are a compelling starting point but the treatment of the material, the playful formalist designs, are so terribly misguided that when…